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WheelsWorld is a design-selection and sales platform for wheels products co-established by Railteco and Ma Steel Company in which more than 300 kinds and types of wheels are collected including locomotive wheels, passenger coach wheels, freight car wheels, metro wheels and industrial & mining wheels. Read more >

About us

"WheelsWorld" is, jointly established by Jiansu Railteco Equipment CO., LTD. and Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., an electronic business network platform for wheels design and marketing. Wheels world has the most abundant types of rail wheels with most extensive collection of product wheels in the world. It incorporates more than 300 kinds of wheels that applied in locomotive, passenger train, wagon, subway, mining locomotive in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. WheelsWorld aims at selling professional wheels to railway equipment manufacturers and traders worldwide through the business pattern of online market. Besides, it also provides technical support for the railway engineers to improve the efficiency of wheel design and selection in railway equipment manufacturing plant.