Urban areas are particularly sensitive to railway noise. Both the population density and railway traffic increased in the suburbs where trains travel relatively fast and build-ings are relatively high, leading to situations where the use of noise barriers is almost useless. A greater and increasing consciousness of citizens led to a lower tolerance of the visual impact of noise barriers also in those case where they are relatively more effec-tive, i.e. where the railway line is close to low height houses. Some regions with particularly nice landscape start discarding the possibility of us-ing noise barriers to preserve the environment from their intrusive impact. It is evident that in these situations it is necessary to implement noise reduction measures at the source. The exact responsibility share of noise creation in the medium to low speed range is hard to be determined but, quite likely, both the track and the ve-hicles will emit a significant part of noise, leading to the conclusion that treating one of the two components may have limited effect. Lucchini Sidermeccanica SpA manufactures wheelsets since 150 years and has de-veloped a family of wheels with limited noise emission. This paper is intended to give some basic description of each low-noise wheel and to give the details of its application, including the possible limitations.
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The Application Characteristics of Disc Brake Disc

Disc brake relative to the brake shoe brake has the following advantages: the brake is smooth, there is no wheel tread brake in the vibration; no tread wear; wheel tread from heat damage; reliability and safety performance.
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Application and characteristics of rubber elastic wheels(橡胶弹性车轮的运用特点)

With the increasing demand of environmental protection concept and ride comfort, people put forward high requirements on the running stability and noise control of light rail vehicles passing through the urban center.The city street light rail route must adapt to the terrain, curve radius is very small, plus the line for Subgrade of concrete structures, therefore, to improve the rigidity; light rail vehicle running stability, reduce noise and reduce the wear of the rubber wheel, which is a very effective measures for.
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Analysis of Quenching Stresses in 35CrMo Axle

By using the finite element method (FEM), we comprehensively analyzed the fields of temperature, organization, and stress in 35CrMo train axles during the quenching process is conducted, and experimentally studied the formation and evolution of inner stresses in axles during the quenching process. The results show that in the quenching process, stresses on the axle surface change from tensile to compressive gradually, while stresses in the axle core change from compressive to tensile gradually. Heat stresses and the amount of martensitic transformation are all increased with the increase of cooling rate. As a result, the maximum instantaneous stresses in the axle are increased greatly when the cooling rate is increased with brine quenching. Large instantaneous tensile stress in the axle core with brine quenching is very likely to cause quench cracking and should be avoided.​
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