With the development of city rail traffic, noise of light rail vehicles running in urban areas or on the viaduct has become a prominent issue of light rail traffic Equipped with a resilient wheel through the elastic element between the core wheel and tyre, tyre elastic support on wheels, so it can effectively reduce the noise and reduce the impact of rail curve and reduce the wheel rail wear and improve the service life of the vehicle lines. As an effective noise reduction curve measures using elastic wheels in light rail vehicles and low floor trams, inter city trains, subway vehicles are widely used

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Resilient wheels

ΦD: Nominal Diameter
Φd: Hub Bore Diameter
L: Distance Between Inside Face of Hub and Rim
S: S Wheel Web
I: Straight Wheel Web
Drawing No.
ΦD (mm)
Φd (mm)
L (mm)
Type of
Wheel Web

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